Monthly Archives: March 2010

Bengaluru • 25 March 2010

Bengaluru International. I just ate a Garden Vegetable Sandwich at Café Coffee Day.  “Vegetables” was onions marinated with masala spices. A lot of onions. Not ideal for non-onion-consuming Brahmins just before you seal them in a small space for 10 hours.. But good for me. In this moment, I'm amused by anything that comes between […]

Waltz of the Enfields • 20 March 2010

Saturday morning. I sang to some Hindu goddesses last night, crashed early with their help. Slept through until 7:11, when a text beeped through just as the tenor-droning greens man passed under my window. Nine hours at least. Amazing! And now it’s only 82 degrees – a restful warmth compared to the brow-beating, insomniac discomfort […]

Navratri • 16 March 2010

It’s a kind of heavy water-heat that stews the marrow in your bones, turns the gross sheath to one malleable substance. Which in our case happens to be shot through with shakti. Walking around can be like swimming—parting the air under the trees, feet not quite on the ground. There’s trash in the streets, but […]

Vortices of Mysore, Birds of Mysore • 13 March 2010

It’s no time for public speaking. I’ve been heatwise sleep-deprived, high-viscosity twisted, surrounded by subtly tripping nadi shodanites, and focused so deep in the breath rhythm that the breath itself has begun to disintegrate. Pretty good for a so-called rabbit hole. But when it comes to speaking, people keep inspiring me so much in a […]

Paydirt • 10 March 2010

Injury or Opening?               Circus Ride or Red Stupa?                                           Rabbit Hole or Paydirt? Don’t confuse yourself, lady: just change the ticket. So yeah…. to my dismay, it started last week. People hitting a vein of something-I-know-not-what. Some […]

Nadi Shodanites • 2 March 2010

Here in Mysore for two weeks yet. One more moon cycle, beginning Sunday and concluding a week from Friday. Then it’s Bangalore-Paris-Detroit. Will be writing more these two weeks, since I am semi-awkwardly shifting back in to verbal-mind. It’s funny: now that the sentences are starting to shore up again in my stream of thought, […]