Monthly Archives: December 2010

Traffic Circles • 30 December 2010

My hometown is ringed in new roundabouts. How civic! When Yellowstone County was a grid of four-way stops one mile on a side, teen drivers would kill the lights, floor the gas, and haul right over each intersection’s rise. We did this tipsy, or drunk—or when late for a preacher’s kid curfew. A few with […]

Number • 24 December 2010

At four a.m., the morning of this year’s longest night, the half-eclipsed moon was huge, hazy and bright through the trees behind the house. I was up to do this thing I do twice a year on the solstices –108 surya namaskara. There’s no reason for the ritual—no magic or meaning at all. But there […]

Cavity search • 24 December 2010

Piriformis. Piriformis piriformis puriformis pureiformis pure forms. Sometimes now, when I’m walking cross-town on Huron River Drive, rolled up in layers of organic material like a human soft taco (lean meat, with layers of worm-spun, sheep-shorn and goose-plucked), I’ll shut down the mental chatter and dive in to my physical body. This is my Innerspace […]

Snow globe • 14 December 2010

So the myth holds. Winter’s deep. It slows down water so you can see it as breath leaving your body and steam-clouds over tea. Water as ice shavings makes cone-hats on holly berries out front of professors’ homes. The sky is blue or pitch black, and the space between me and it is all layered […]

First Kiss • 1 December 2010

Five days, five social networks. But back home, a day thick in memories twenty years old. Sixth grade feelings pinball through my body. They're crumbling up the tragicomedy I tell myself about adolescence. Last week’s a blur. Coffee with a beautiful-minded sociologist and ashtanga home-practitioner, who first learned the method with me in my PhD mentor’s […]