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Shaky Ground • 30 August 2008

Grace is the absence of everything that indicates pain or difficulty, hesitation or incongruity.     -William Hazlitt I use this word, grace, sometimes when I really mean it. But maybe I don’t even know what I mean. Above, grace = directness, congrousness, unflinchingness and ease, all in action. Rather, is it about containing difficulty and unease, […]

New Age Not Same As Yoga • 27 August 2008

Or, Marxist and Marketing Exec Unite. Ohhh! I am not blogging any more. I keep deciding this. Must redirect those little “I'll journal that” impulses. But… I listened to CP while chopping vegetables for lunch and here I am. Today he’s making the case that New Age Spirituality is a far greater source of bullshit […]

Yoga, a “personal philosophy” • 26 August 2008

or, Working With What You've Got, 101. Yet another week of annoyingly non-mystical bedtime reading. From a piece in the Chronicle of Higher Ed:  Inculcate a personal philosophy that allows you to focus on the project at hand to the exclusion of all other distractions.  Well, what sort of “personal philosophy” do you mean, sir? Oddly, […]

Demystification, cont. • 23 August 2008

Exerpts from an interview in the Ottawa Citizen. The speaker is some guy named Richard Freeman. …That's why I'm still fascinated by yoga, because I think people can cultivate these deeper states of mind without having to join any particular religion or sign up for anything or pretend they know something when they don't know […]

Trading Neuroses • 22 August 2008

My dream life consists of dancing plushie toys, brightly colored fish flitting amongst oversized livingroom furniture, and forests of cotton candy and singing cows. I know I know; it’s the subconscious of a toddler with a charmed damn life. I’m not a complex person. (At least I prefer not to be at almost all costs.) […]

Reticulation and the world inside the world • 19 August 2008

I love to watch networks of humans create themselves and halfway-retreat, surge, drop whole nodules, regenerate. In web space the networks never die—the information down to the last errant comment-thread always remains out there, somewhere: the relationships forged and ebbed away, the self-discoveries through expression and through being witnessed in this way, the vast inconclusiveness […]

Ashtanga and Imperialism • 16 August 2008

CP wrote this post yesterday—one that’s difficult for many of us to handle. I’ve been waiting and hoping for just that kind of sacrilege out of him, and he delivered. In the comments (which are a terriffically honest and interesting conversation about the future of ashtanga), someone asked me the following: For those of us […]

Further Research • 15 August 2008

What (0v0) is About • 13 August 2008

Three days of search phrases. For Ash. academia karma yoga(punhunter) orgasm mindfulness, cult of yogaI want to be a sheep or a goat (or) I just want to be a sheepHow do born agains view yoga? (christianity intellectually impoverished) Ashtanga yoga shut up sticker(anusara deceptive)theoretical archaeology group shit days and crazy nights  AYSF anything you […]

Instrumental Rationality • 12 August 2008

Fussy. Sorry, internet. Here goes. Remember the ashtanga energy market? This is related, in a way.  When you love a practice—sociology or ashtanga—being around careerist people is sometimes really hard. That’s been the main distraction of letting academia draw me in on a professional level, as is now happening. And I’m transparent, so my feelings […]