Monthly Archives: August 2009

Dangerous Incantation • 23 August 2009

Last night I lived in a floating bungalo off some wild green islands away in the Tropic of Capricorn.  A dream vivid enough to have its own barometric pressure—dialed up high along with the color saturation—with promising deep blue thunderheads off to the north. Friends were visiting—several of you included. We had Thanksgiving dinner on […]

Strength Receiving • 17 August 2009

Listen here: Mark Whitwell, asking ashtangis to please just understand the yoga… …Yoga has been branded as something that a slim, white woman can do… yoga is participation in the nondual… intimacy with the ordinary… connection… …Spine, breath, sex… …You could finally admit that what you wanted was sex, was intimacy… … connection to rocks and […]

Trinities • 14 August 2009

I am discovering the most beautiful coincidence. Breath-Bandha-Drste = Talk-Feel-Image Two systems, Vipassana and Ashtanga, mapping each other one to one. I didn’t plan this—my own designs are not so elegant. When the pairs integrate, what I have is three streams of being—Talk, Feel, Image—and three perfectly-fit drainpipes for diverting or even shutting down those […]

Addiction machine • 1 August 2009

I flatlined on about eight dimensions Friday after practice. What would the medics see? Blood sugar in the red, muscle responsiveness withered, concentration out of service, analytical clarity nil. But from the subjective side of things, it felt great. I stumbled in the door and let my body arrange itself in to a little pile […]