Monthly Archives: September 2010

At the Equinox • 24 September 2010

It’s in the 80s and dim, dim, dim. The out-of-doors feels like a cozy basement den—greens flecked with amber, softness at the edges of things, sounds muffled in breeze, grasscovered clay earth in the parks still molding our backs like memoryfoam. A storm rolled in Tuesday night, flashing so bright it roused the Editor, who […]

15: Tantra • 22 September 2010

Trungpa as swordsman, cutting through delusion with a flick of the wits? No. Until now he’s been more a hulking machine, digging a well to eat the world. Like Mirny, the Siberian diamond mine in the so vast it generates its own weather and sucks small flying entities right out of the sky. Helicopterns and […]

CTSM 12, 13, 14: Belief is labeling the mystery • 12 September 2010

Strange that this happened so slowly – I thought we would read and digest CTSM in a week or two. Most of you did do that, and I apologize for starting with a surge and then leaking out the posts so gradually that some of you lost track of your original responses by the time […]