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Advanced practice • 31 May 2008

People keep sending over this article from the NYT about how a sharp increase in yoga converts the past three years has led to a watering down of the intensity of practice. The writer doesn’t quite trace out the mechanism (increasingly superficial teaching, therefore increasingly superficial students, and advanced yoga’s inherent resistance to commodification because […]

Punhunter Chronicles I: Punface • 30 May 2008

  The Editor: … Yes, you’ll want to have a look at that article and see the notes from the regular fries as well. (0v0): Uh? The Editor: (innocent shrug) You know. (0v0): (suspicious sideways glance) Regular fries? The Editor: Common ‘taters. Commentators?  (0v0): (vision of Mr. Potatohead with reporter’s notebook and hat) No! That […]

Empiricism • 29 May 2008

  La inspiración es lanzarse a ser, sí, pero también y sobre todo es recordar y volver a ser. Volver al Ser.   Inspiration is to throw oneself into being, yes, but also and above all it is to remember again to be. To return to Being.   El arco y la lira The Bow […]

Mercury is Always in Retrograde • 27 May 2008

Am I going to have a car accident now because Mercury is in retrograde? Am I safe from car accidents the rest of the time because Mercury is direct? Shall I initiate nothing for the next month because the planets are more powerful than the clarity of my vision? Shall we all just sit around […]

Retrograde, Schmetrograde • 27 May 2008

I propose the following: believe beliefs that are useful and uplifting, that keep you transforming and creating and happy.   Drop the rest of the beliefs. Minimal belief systems are most elegant. From Autobiography of a Yogi, Chapter 16, “Outwitting the Stars” Astrology is the study of man's [sic] response to planetary stimuli. The stars […]

SLIV: Scylla and Charybdis • 25 May 2008

How do we resolve the conflict between shapeliness, or control, and our sense that we are never entirely in control, in that we can never entirely close the gap between the work we envision and the work we create? Hoagland writes that “control exacts a cost too: It is often achieved at the expense of […]

Still More PDA • 23 May 2008

Its feels almost too late to write about EPB. I am through the figuring-it-out phase during which new sensations stand out against an empty background of non-experience, in which the mind works through things because the body lacks the knowledge. Tacit knowledge has sort of taken over. If I were capable of teaching this posture—which […]

Precarité • 21 May 2008

  If you would be pungent, be brief; for it is with words as with sunbeams—the more they are condensed, the deeper they burn.    -Robert Southey My brother’s first installation piece was a humungus white vaguely-sexual paper lamp pieced together with papier-mache and maverick wiring chops. It was terrible and mesmerizing and completely improbable, […]

A Pack A Day • 20 May 2008

Thinks are so weird here. I am looking for a vice. Something about a little oral-fixative input seems to help me, and this is no time for undoing the primal reasons for that. Up for consideration: Gum Decaf Gum: Pros: fresh breath, totally enjoyable, nobody will see me in my office, I’m probably clenching anyway. […]

3SH • 19 May 2008

I have been reordered down to the digits, and now the process that happened years ago to my toes is working in to my fingers. Have you seen the hands of the women who have spent some time in third? Once-tapered fingers turn flat from making birds and sages. It may not be conventionally pretty, […]