Monthly Archives: April 2010

It Don’t Last, Don’t Satisfy, and Ain’t You • 30 April 2010

Here is how any given practice is said to work: it is supposed to put you in touch with the nature of experience. Who cares what form any particular practice takes. If it works, it’s able to remove some delusion. The proposed, sought-after nature of experience is: process, interconnection, rhythm AKA: no-self, can't get no […]

Separation • 25 April 2010

Getting space in to the spine is a slow dialectic. Hips-heart-hips-heart-hips. And so on. Chakras bandasana are constructed, not born. I’d have to tell so many lies to construct a narrative of how the spine has changed. I don’t even remember the subjectivity inside the early body, although it’s true that in the beginning my […]

Shots and drop-ins • 17 April 2010

Ann Arbor and I had our consummation this week – as in, I’ve been consuming all over town, and feeling all intimate and sated as a result. Paying for units of experience … the Kali Yuga strategy for “getting grounded.” Pretty efficient way to go! I only notice that consumption is the medium of these […]

Make you stranger • 12 April 2010

We did four hours of dzogchen with Shinzen today. Dialing in to the world-soul on my decrepit MotoRAZR. Kind of steampunk. Other instruction I’ve received in antimeditation—mahamudra, “choiceless awareness”… they’re all going after the same insanely beautiful, left-brainy receptivity—wind up spacing you way out. Melt you down on your zafu in to a boundless, peaceful, […]

Unity Vibration • 7 April 2010

Lightning woke me up around two—tore open the upstairs bedroom with its flash—and then the whole house shook, the way it does when the train goes by a block away. This earth must be full of clay, soft enough to transmit the energy from the vortices I’ve decided lie to the north in old Chippewa […]

The eff in ineffable • 3 April 2010

Already, the days in Ann Arbor are so long. That phase of yellow light just before dusk doesn’t hit until sometime in the eight o’clock hour. I have been taking my phone for walks up the hill, letting the cool air open up breathing channels clogged in Mysore street-soot, watching the sun radiate in the […]