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Body Sociology • 31 January 2007

This morning between mysore practice and the rest of my life, I sat in and observed a good old vinyasa yoga class led by a young teacher—someone whose gift for setting the tone of a room is no small thing. It’s good education to watch 90 minutes of ineffability, I reason. (Like watching those few […]

Neglecting the Didjeridoo • 29 January 2007

Tonight made my fifth or sixth walk home from campus with The Knife, and I think some of the tracks – Pass This On, Silent Shout –are sufficiently in my body to go into heavy rotation for the morning drive. God this is a good band; and I don’t mind putting myself in overlap with Pitchfork’s (and probably […]

Prolegomena to any future manifesto • 25 January 2007

I. Matthew K says he didn’t see this coming. Me neither. I’m blogging because slow deductive academia is giving me a cramp and because Charles J told me to do it while I while I was entering a suggestion-receptive state. (That is, in the 15 minute brain-wave stretch we learn to do on ourselves before astanga […]

The Hermetic Seal • 24 January 2007

This is an experiment in dissolution. My life is in two disciplines: academic analysis, and inner experiments. At the melding point, is the stew any good? Here is why I ask. Even for a breakout preacher’s kid, it’s not ok to look faith askance in the ivory tower.  Colleagues I love run tight poisson models […]

insideowl? • 23 January 2007

knowledge, edges, ideo, idio… Inner inquiries: yes.Animal totems: sure.Sifting wisdom from knowledge: yes. Arrows to Hegel: no.That would be obnoxious. And with thanks to the zoo: “Owl” is a Cockney shortening of “howl” and, as are so many bird names, is onomatopoeic of the call. “Owl” is cognate with the Latin ulula, which originates from the […]

Current Contextual Indicators: • 23 January 2007

  keywords: academia; art; awakening; being sincere; beta state; consumerism; consciousness; the cosmopolite; creativity; empires; economics; esoteric shit; evolution; exploitation; getting quiet; gratitude; having a body; history of consciousness; how people organize; healing and vitality, hinterlands, inhumanity; intersubjectivity; lung capacity; love capacity; market-society; modern mystics; network society; openness; reflexivity; relationships; good language, quality pseudoscience; reification; […]

First Post • 23 January 2007

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