insideowl? • 23 January 2007

knowledge, edges, ideo, idio…

Inner inquiries: yes.
Animal totems: sure.
Sifting wisdom from knowledge: yes.

Arrows to Hegel: no.
That would be obnoxious.

And with thanks to the zoo:

“Owl” is a Cockney shortening of “howl” and, as are so many bird names, is onomatopoeic of the call. “Owl” is cognate with the Latin ulula, which originates from the Sanskrit uluka. Coming into the English, we see owlet, howl, halloo, hullabaloo and hallelujah, which of course came through Hebrew.

  • most nearly related to Nightjars
  • asymmetric ears for triangulation 
  • sexes generally alike except for size
  • capable of rotating its head 270 degrees
  • soft plumage, soundless flight: to hunt by listening
  • vocal, with many peeps, trills, warbles, purls and murmurs

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