Current Contextual Indicators: • 23 January 2007


keywords: academia; art; awakening; being sincere; beta state; consumerism; consciousness; the cosmopolite; creativity; empires; economics; esoteric shit; evolution; exploitation; getting quiet; gratitude; having a body; history of consciousness; how people organize; healing and vitality, hinterlands, inhumanity; intersubjectivity; lung capacity; love capacity; market-society; modern mystics; network society; openness; reflexivity; relationships; good language, quality pseudoscience; reification; religion; self-deception; “self-expression;” sex; sleep; social theory; sound; spirituality now; technology; taxonomy; value systems; vipassana; what’s possible

nightstand: An Approach to Vedanta by Isherwood, LRB back issues, Hopeful Monsters by Mosely, On Justification by Boltanski and Thévenot, The Gatekeeper by Eagleton, Age of Extremes by Hobsbawm…  actually reading: the Isherwood

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