Monthly Archives: April 2008

Who are the virgins? • 30 April 2008

This post follows up on questions about my reference in Monday’s post. Like I said, the virgins keep coming back. But it’s a good haunting now. Nothing sinister. When I was small, they were phantoms of doom. The original story, from Matthew 25, is that they were ten. Five were wise, kept their lamps trimmed […]

More PDA • 28 April 2008

So ok. I took the little animals to play at the store I have often ridiculed (more because of bad labor practices than cultural iconography, but see the footnote I'll post later I posted in the comments***). Did they get dirty? I don’t think they really did, even got as they rolled around on the […]

SLI: Dirty Feet, Dirty Concepts, Ashtanga on Demand • 26 April 2008

Skipped work Friday and took my two-year-old niece to the beach. We rode the creepy carousel on the Santa Monica pier, me just zoning out to the nightmare calliope, staring into the spiraling mirrors, and waiting for it to end. Then we rode it again. And again. She’s so excited by her environment, her huge […]

“Decatur memos” • 22 April 2008

The first year, the question in play was What is this mental state am I experiencing every day? I was all interested in neuro-linguistic programming from Milton Erickson through Bandler and Grinder to the self-help guy Tony Whateveritis. That was all about suggestibility and the idea that there was a sub-conscious mind. (Side note: the […]

Downshifting • 21 April 2008

Time stops in Ojai when the moon is full. I took my laptop and forgot to open it, my cell and was heedless of it. Early yesterday I looked at a clock and saw it was 3, shocked by the horrible existence of time, and reset my ticker to come home. Too relaxed to plan […]

Saturday L: Secret Meeting of the Owls • 19 April 2008

I can’t tell you about the “secret meeting of the owls.” I know you are coming here to find out—one google search after another—but I have no information for you. “The owls are not what they seem.” “The owls won’t see us in here.” Two other searches that bring them in. If that’s you, a […]

Bookend • 18 April 2008

  Develop interest in life as you see it; in people, things, literature, music – the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself.   Henry Miller

Fisheyes • 16 April 2008

In the ladies' after the yoga, some of the willow-women talking how fat they have gotten. Bitterness and self-revulsion. And some of the others, amazingly still, understanding what they are witnessing. But also not understanding. The transcript replays in my head. It has knocked one of my tracking beams off course, sent my perspective of […]

Besotted, All of You • 15 April 2008

  The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely, aware.  Henry Miller

What Today Was Like • 14 April 2008

Slept in til 5:15 when the Editor whispered me the time. Twilight and bird sounds were filtering through the large open windows to the porch—both for the first time since late last fall. Oops! Light out? Oh…, it’s not really late. Feet to floor, enjoy the feeling of having calf muscles for the first four […]