Monthly Archives: November 2007

Gurus & Good Old Boys • 28 November 2007

Let me say at the beginning that I feel you might want to disregard this if you do not want to be put off. Well ok. Here you are. Sometimes a new reader will mistake me for a man, and send an email that’s a bit mis-pitched. I like that. Is it because I don’t […]

Commodification and Pushback–Subcultures and Scenes • 26 November 2007

Bear with me here. I’m back from utopia, where subcultures still hide in the hills and cityfolk come around looking for a piece of the enlightened ones, the creators, the real libertarians. Big Sur. You can feel the almost-serene pushback—a quiet self-preservation—from the people who get it as the San Franciscans in beemers come around […]

Inverted, Again • 21 November 2007

I returned from Denver two months ago now, the night of September 17 and the week of the equinox. The next day, after 22 months of 6 am beginnings, I spontaneously shifted to an evening practice. (I was needing a shake in more ways than this, as has been noticed and remedied) The change from […]

Fifteen for Thirty, Part II • 19 November 2007

In ‘04 we decided to make Thanksgiving mean something. So, retroactively and going forward, I love this day the best. I’m not sayin’ it’s unproblematic that my two favorite days are those with scary nationalist undertones. But this doesn’t have to be about that. Before 1995 Thanksgivings were the same. And weird. Here are some […]

Saturday XXXII: Stop Owl Commodification • 17 November 2007

I found the ecstatic grassroots movement I've been imagining. Uh oh. But I’m not going to tell you about it. Except to say it involves a secret society and does not involve naked yoga. Returned to morning practice this week, which included Thursday contortions next to an intriguing New York ashtangi poet met through this […]

The Sign of Liotta • 12 November 2007

A star is like an omen. Like an albino cow trundling through the herd, it marks a moment. Gives you an excuse to stop and say: what does it mean? Usually, nothing. Sissy Spacek in Axe, Sally Field in the lobby of a Beverly Hills oral surgeon, Adrien Grenier driving west on Santa Monica Boulevard […]

Saturday XXXI • 10 November 2007

Not much going on here. Taking the car to the shop. Taking the skates to the beach. Taking the Editor to a contemporary dance thing, which I don’t expect to understand all that well. No contortion today as there is a small piece of concrete occupying my stomach and making no signs of assimilating. Last […]

Last Enchilada on LaBrea, or, How Might I Eat Flesh? • 9 November 2007

Tonight someone whose view of me matters a lot asked, and not for the first time, that I please eat six ounces of salmon. If there’s a window when I could do that and savor it, I’m in it right now. I’ve built a great deal of muscle very quickly, am feeling the sudden chill […]

Moon Drag • 8 November 2007

In other, olden times there were only phantoms. In the beginning, that is. If there ever was a beginning…. Who lived here first? Troglodytes perhaps. The Indian came late. Very late. Though young, geologically speaking, the land has a hoary look. From the ocean depths there issued strange formations, contours unique and seductive. As if […]

My Two Curves • 6 November 2007

Curiosity : New Learning :: Nostalgia : Repetition So it has been a long time since I advanced in the series. And people are starting to suggest it’s time I take on the next pose. Nono noono nonoooooonononooo. And sell myself out of one of my few remaining chances to participate in a ritual ashtanga […]