Monthly Archives: March 2007

Saturday VII • 25 March 2007

? Guns and Yoga, in the NYT. It does take a Burbank day in the life to bring the together phrases “namaste” and “lock and load.” I was the only guy in the yoga class…. they know they had a rifle-eyed street panther in their midst? …. Like the legless, armless silhouette I shot at earlier […]

Yoga is Dangerous. Part I. • 23 March 2007

I’ve felt bad about having nothing to say this week, apart from a couple of small-hearted posts from the sidelines—rather than the thick of—existence. MK suggests my brittleness relates to my nightstand companion Nicholas Mosely, who “who exists only to make a few failed writers feel superior, while boring the living shit out of the rest […]

Saturday VI • 18 March 2007

Uh oh. Interesting proposal in my in-box this morning, to assist a philosophy of science class next quarter—a small honors seminar. The prof is a chemist-philosopher who has written a great deal on the (very exciting) periodic table, and has a way of shredding those who poach physics to substantiate the claim that everything is connected. Given […]

Saturday V • 10 March 2007

Ok. Here are this week’s Saturday diversions. ? How, or why, do we (evolve to) believe in god? Even if you practice panentheism (yogis, Spinozists), atheism or agnosticism, do you carry a deep-seated idea of a humanoid god? On this note, a bright star in the smart-mag orbit (that is, it was forwarded all over the […]

Letter to NPR • 8 March 2007

I just read a nice new working paper by UC Irvine’s David Meyer, who researches peace movements (including the current one) in the United States. It got me thinking about responding to John Mayer, the famous musician I hope none of you know, who got a huge piece of Morning Edition air time today on NPR.   Dear NPR,   John […]

Welcome the Tormentor-Sage • 5 March 2007

New wrench in the flow this morning. Unexpecting, I was instructed to stand on one leg with the foot of the other behind my head, press the palms together and look up. I long since went native on astanga yoga, so this doesn’t actually horrify me. Still, that the posture’s called Durvasasana—for an ugly brahman […]