Monthly Archives: January 2012

What is Ahimsa? Or, How to be Sexy. • 12 January 2012

Chai craving. Starting in the pit of my brain stem, jumping through my throat to the base of the tongue, steaming phantom smells up into the sinuses and anticipatory pictures behind my eyes. Evidently, the addiction circuit is fully re-wired! Full Mysore reboot successful. Estimated transition time: 13 days. The particle transfer takes time. We […]

Garland of Skulls • 6 January 2012

So I don’t talk about my personal practice, or student-teacher relationships, or “my” pain. That specific kind of chit-chat is bad practice, and always has been. (Always, as in millennia.)  Besides, these things are intimate and fleeting. Clouds in the coffee. And not to get you worried but… have you read the Hathayogapradipika? If not, […]