Monthly Archives: October 2010

Not About Bob • 31 October 2010

What counts as seeing god? Apparently, I have increasingly low standards. When I hurried out of Thursday night Iyengar class—it is so nourishing to spend time every week with a master, and so much the better when her space is a desacralized church two blocks from my house—I brushed past a crusty, ugly-beautiful bum with a very […]

Apple Mysticism • 31 October 2010

Wednesday, 27 October It was stupid beautiful this morning. Everything felt light after two days of headache, and last night’s dreams of myself as a Hawai’ian volcano. As a volcano, my high-altitude residents refused to evacuate in time for the rain of fire. When the eruption came, it was peaceful enough that these headstrong squatters […]

Rockjaw, Leadbelly, Renewal, Decay • 27 October 2010

We’re over Kansas. Next to an electrical storm that's either humungus or riding up just alongside the plane and keeping pace. And I’m crying, in the dark, watching the light bounce around that stormcloud and occasionally strike down. Turbulence. The pilot is diving and climbing all over to avoid it, so my ears, eyes and […]

Return • 8 October 2010

First, what’s lingering about beauty and rats. Then something new. A quest. A large rat dislocates its bones to enter houses through holes the size of quarters – the circumference of its skull. This is front page news at the Detroit Free Press. All mice and bats need is a centimeter-crack in your foundation, unhinging […]

Marketizing Insideowl • 7 October 2010

I've been tracked by one Dr. Natura. Dr. Natura makes products with names like KleriTea, ParaNil, and ColoNix. Puns plus lower intestine. You get the idea. It seems Dr. Natura likes what I’ve said in past years about the Master Cleanse and Dr. Schulze: stuff about getting your sphincter to shift on the fly. So, […]