Monthly Archives: February 2007

Saturday III • 25 February 2007

Saturday morning is coming around late and abbreviated this weekend, but there are some photographs and some writers worth noting tonight. Almost didn’t get to this at all, as we’ve been without hot water for days… and I just spent 2 hours making a bath by betting the speed of my teapot against the slow […]

Reveal Codes • 24 February 2007

I’ve been on the quiet side this week, and getting nudges to open up and write. Of course that’s the idea of this project—to let it discipline me a bit, and to see if it brings about a voice that’s closer to my 90s-era, sensual epistles and further from the dense, withholding prose on which I’ve closed […]

Saturday II • 17 February 2007

Saturday morning again. What amuses me today is all a little random, but I figure the “yoga and social theory” designation can be expanded and contracted as needed. Similar to the diaphragm. Peter Rangar recommends breathing. Not only is the connector of mind and body, he says, but practiced deeply and consciously it’ll make you hyper-perceptive. Not that yoga bestows strange […]

Thought-rut Rotgut and the Problem of Evil • 14 February 2007

In the beginning was the word. No wonder it’s so easy to be superstitious about words! Language is the way we reify: humans’ method for making things things. There’s one moment of my yoga practice I strictly do not discuss for fear of reifying fear itself. Today, because I can see the other side and because […]

Saturday Morning • 10 February 2007

A while back when I lived in the tropics for a year, in a fiberboard and corrugated zinc sort of lean-to, I thought about luxury. Because I had all kinds of it: unlike my housemates, I had a laptop computer, occasional dinner in some excellent restaurant, the option for hailing a cab on days I […]

On Being Shallow • 8 February 2007

Or How Organized Science (See Also: Organized Religion) Can Make You Dumb This afternoon I read Dylan Riley against Robert Thurman. (By “against,” what I really mean is “with:” reading R against T means letting each brace the other, shore up each other’s subtexts, or maybe just do reciprocal subversion.) Here’s a small thread twisted together over a […]

Shiva and NLP, Revisited • 5 February 2007

I started learning advanced with Dominic six years ago. Yesterday in his room, I did that same practice – same as I’ve done every weekday since – while he held space for me and my students. Then we drove to Detroit. In the passenger seat, he talked about how ashtanga works primarily in the field […]

Confused Shaman Accidentally Revives Marx • 2 February 2007

The marginal mystics of any era turn me on—Heraclitus, Jeremiah, forest monks, Hildegaard, Wittgenstein, Carlton Pearson. Which is my excuse for reading Andrew Cohen. But oh did he disappoint me this month by publishing talk radio shrink/NYU scholar Howard Bloom’s jayvee defense of consumerism. Though I’m ambivalent (if listing leftward) about what consumerism is doing to us, Bloom’s article […]