Saturday III • 25 February 2007

Saturday morning is coming around late and abbreviated this weekend, but there are some photographs and some writers worth noting tonight. Almost didn’t get to this at all, as we’ve been without hot water for days… and I just spent 2 hours making a bath by betting the speed of my teapot against the slow trickle of my tub drain. End result: keeping with the luxury-in-contrast theme, 30 minutes in 4 inches of steamy saltwater. I wouldn’t have done it for school tomorrow or for the increasingly stringy-haired neighbors, but it was worth it for the psoas after the weekend of a hundred forward bends.


Anyway: I’m excited about the young Daniel Alarcón. He’ll be talking in Los Feliz next week. Subversive radio stations, unnamed Latin American countries, universal tragedy of civil war. These tug pretty deep for a few in this orbit, yes?

Good Magazine is awfully neoliberal and not hip. Similar to, respectively, the New Yorker and Ira Glass. However, this week Good writes on both, and nicely.

NYTM lavishes Jeff Wall on the occasion of his opening at the MOMA. Do look at the slideshow.

Some readers were intrigued to rediscover the breath last week. I love this. Since you have asked for more, until we sit down together and do what a teacher of mine calls “polish ourselves” with pranayamas, here is my recommendation for a congenial, non-disciplinary, useful introduction. Anything else I’d note would land in the “esoteric shit” rather than the “verging on self help” category. But this CD is real nice. Hie and aquire it from your public library.

Early adopters, go upload your photo already. (Not that I have either.) But tag me if you want an invite.


Finally, he’s no James, but Michael Wood writes pretty good. Before I turn to this excitement, his LRB essay on Richard Powers will be edifying if irksome company on Wednesday’s flight up the coast. For Chris, I note it.