Monthly Archives: January 2011

Ganglion of Lightnings • 28 January 2011

  Looking for your light, I went out:      it was like the sudden dawn      of a million million suns,        a ganglion of lightnings      for my wonder.        O Lord of Caves,      if you are light,      there can be no metaphor.        –Allama Prabhu 12th century son of Karnataka, cartographer of nadis, bard […]

Intrigue • 15 January 2011

A woman called me by name this morning. She was standing on her stoop a few feet away as I passed on a motorbike. She was young and tall, wearing a beautiful green dress; her home was filled with dust and children. A strange neighborhood in a strange part of the city. It’s Maha Sankranati, […]

City Gates • 12 January 2011

The city is magnificent. Magnificent. There’s a golden hour every evening, between the flat afternoons and superdark nights. That hour knocks me out anyplace it finds me. But at city center it’s so dense with perfection that I just stop. That will be enough of duality, thanks. Let’s just allow spacetime to spin eternally on this. […]

Mycroblog • 1 January 2011