Monthly Archives: June 2008

Chuck • 30 June 2008

A man named Dale said this on the internet. ● There is a yoga pose named chucknorrisasana. Only Chuck Norris has done it – and lived. ● When the Universe overcomes its fear, it seeks to become one with Chuck Norris. ● What is the sound of one of Chuck Norris' hands clapping? a) the […]

Unscientific Postscript, again • 28 June 2008

I. Art/Science Do practitioners treat eating as a science? Do chefs? Or do they learn the chemistry and then use it to experiment and create interesting variation and rich experience? (Is ashtanga a “science” or is that reductionis bluster?) What is lost when personal food choices, a chef’s creation of a menu, or a yoga […]

Cheez-it® • 26 June 2008

Last friday I walked into the living room and I smelled Nabisco. What? He wouldn’t do this. Not Nabisco, flagship of American obesity and mindless addiction? Not this level of anti-wellbeing and all-out trash in our home? I opened a few cupboards and file drawers, looked behind the sofa. The smell of deep-fried salty cardboard, […]

Also Apollos • 24 June 2008

We cannot know his legendary head with eyes like ripening fruit. And yet his torso is still suffused with brilliance from inside, like a lamp, in which his gaze, now turned to low, gleams in all its power. Otherwise the curved breast could not dazzle you so, nor could a smile run through the placid […]

Crim, Again • 21 June 2008

A client offered keys. She lives in Venice and the home studio is a silent wooden nest for my 108-beaded Saturday solstice mala. It ain’t Stonehenge, but the space sure is pretty. I feel like a hippie, having you know I have a thing for the solstice, but I promise my enthusiasm for the longest […]

WWND, Moon Play, Streams of Practice • 19 June 2008

What would Nietzsche do is a concentrated question. Use sparingly and apply only to the affected area. Yields extraordinary mental clarity! But may cause will-to-power-disease if taken incorrectly. It was a WWND day. First thing in the morning, I went out the Santa Monica pier and skated north to Malibu and back. A summer idyll—waves […]

Apex • 17 June 2008

Here’s the deal with your teacher. You do it their way as long as it won't hurt you; you honor that relationship for the sacred thing it is; you keep it clean and loving because your practice depends on it and their service to humanity is better than your own. Or my own anyway… heh. […]

Romance of Death, Sublimity, My Email • 16 June 2008

Political-culture journalism at the turn of the 70s was like a polite bloody fistfight of the Dead Poet’s Society. Highflown but edited crisp, seething but restrained, snottily fratricidal with a huge goddam vocabulary and no compunctions about Shakespeare-based explanations. I’m too bad-mannered and prone to comma splices to capture its perfection in just a sentence. […]

Mellow Gold, Steel Trap • 13 June 2008

Mellow gold: summer music. The other morning with memories of beery oak grove sunsets circa 1996, I played the old record on the way to practice. Loser is the first song. It’s hard not to sing the chorus, but I have no memory for the absurd beat-nick hip-hop verses except for when he finally slows […]

Another Letter to NPR • 12 June 2008

It saddened me to hear D**** W*** both begin and end his review of violin great Lili Haydn by emphasizing her small stature. He did not mention the equally below average body-size of Bob Dylan, nor the above average body-size of George Clinton, two of the many men whose relationships to Lili he uses to […]