Apex • 17 June 2008

Here’s the deal with your teacher. You do it their way as long as it won't hurt you; you honor that relationship for the sacred thing it is; you keep it clean and loving because your practice depends on it and their service to humanity is better than your own. Or my own anyway… heh. If they value loyalty, I deliver because it keeps everything clear and creates even more mutual understanding. If they have particular rules, I reproduce them to the point of being mechanical about it. Yes. Obedience is just engine-grease for the big machine that is a Mysore room.

Mechanical machine, not kidding.

The rules are just there to allow me to shut down the monkey. A container.

The mind likes to be bound. Even if it is, like mine, a big preacher's-kid rulebreaker in other contexts.

That said, this whole rule of primary-only on the day before the moon is a drag. Criminy. Especially if the moon is smack on a wednesday; and if it’s not new but a buzzy hightide action-packed full moon; and if it’s the week of the solstice for godsakes.

Come on. I practiced primary-only this morning and am bouncing off the walls. And I’m supposed to skip practice tomorrow altogether, on this day when sun and moon are both pulling me off the earth and in the meantime I’ve got to find a way to trick myself into looking at a computer for most of the day? I’d fast or something, but my experience is that fasting makes me even more hyper.

This is just ridiculous. I’m tending strongly toward criminal behavior tomorrow unless I stap on some rollerblades instead. 

It is the apex of summer and time for many forms of realization. We are all ripe. Can you feel it? This is it! Put on a dress (you too), climb up something, dance in your livingroom, read Nietzsche and the Bhagavad Gita.

Go create. Go!


P.S. Topics  for later, possibly: N's question on the what postrationality can give to rationality (nice); S's question on putting your foot behind your head; and A's question about what in the hell I eat. I don't have answers, but might try to document some ongoing experiments.