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Epicureans & One-Technique Freaks • 24 November 2009

There’s a pitfall of having it all—of Shinzen’s method, which teaches you every level and angle of meditation at once. The regulating principles are honesty in practice, and commitment to pursuing a different kind of triple bottom line: concentration, clarity and equanimity. The hazard is dilletantism: using this richness as a buffet, a collection of […]

Eyes • 18 November 2009

Monday I fell asleep watching for meteors, lying in the back yard on the hot tub cover as the waters gurgled beneath. The giant buildings down in Century City hum all night, ventilating themselves. All those confident vibrations put me straight to sleep. Woke again at 3, in time for the last lights of the […]

Having a Body • 13 November 2009

Things were never the same after the long weekend at Cabinas Ramirez—the $8 a night shacks on the shores of Manuel Antonio. Still the most tranquil cove I’ve swum in, but there was something just not right in the monkey swamp we crossed in reef sandals and cut-offs. A few weeks later I finally went […]

Feedback • 9 November 2009

Where are the feedback loops? Relationship…. It is all relationship. The system that talks back to me most isn’t the muscular—that’s stretched and strengthened in to silence for now; and it’s not the bones—those haven’t begun to deteriorate yet. The breath says a lot, as does the attraction/revulsion index; but these days the talkative loop […]

Question • 2 November 2009

Under what conditions does yoga make a person 1) more egotistical or 2) less kind than one was before?