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The Slacker Meditates: Some High Points • 27 August 2007

                                DAY 1: STATIC Candy saaaaays… I haven’t had a sexual fantasy today. Which can’t be healthy… I’m gonna watch the bluebirds flyyy… ovah mah shouldah Who else in here is having a sexual fantasy? Maybe if I can find […]

The Guru’s Segway • 26 August 2007

Sitting in the MOMA café two Fridays ago, thinking about Helvetica, when the yoga people call. I’d left voicemail at the Dharma Mittra center days earlier, asking if they’d take a west coast irregular at the long Saturday night intensive. Thought I’d received the silent no, and meantime had made plans to be at the PuckBuilding (interestingly enough) on Saturday […]

Saturday XXIII • 25 August 2007

I’m still smug for getting out of jury duty, though now people are telling me a royal flush of five days without the call isn’t all that special. Six years in this town, and not once have I done my part to uphold the integrity of the justice system. Even if the dispensation isn’t so […]

I Have the Secret: Empirical Proof • 23 August 2007

jaz : as we were saying cog: hello! cog: i was about to leave. cog: what’s up? jaz: i have just proven the SECRET! cog: wait, what? cog: your toes? jaz: (do you know the Secret? the law of attraction? new age: “your thoughts are your reality”?) jaz: my toes?? jaz: no man, i sent don’t […]

Pirates of the Air • 23 August 2007

If you’re going to be exacting, be exacting about the breath. Fourth day of Mysore with Petri the Pirate. He doesn’t teach to poses so much as to the breath—although he finally busted my cheating supta urdvha pada today, for the split second I drop the toe as I roll past the elbow (locking my eyes, whispering […]

Ashtanga Pirates • 20 August 2007

Stepped aboard the HMS Home Simply Yoga this morning and a beautiful longhaired man with big hoop earrings and a heavily accented hello kissed me generously on both cheeks. What’s this? Well, turns out a Finn named Petri is subbing for a few weeks. He walked in the room like a natural. He watched me for the […]

Saturday XXII • 19 August 2007

I’m just getting reaccustomed to the Southern California light. Anything more than a week away, and I wind up in Los Angeles-loving homecoming mode for days upon return. New York is perfect, though. I spoke a couple of times at the ASA conference, and it was not too disastrous. I’m trying to find a way to deal with speaking […]

Corvette Man • 18 August 2007

I’ve lived above Corvette Man for five years. Never so much as a moment of eye contact in that time. Sally next door says she’s shared words with him five times in the 30 years they’ve both lived here. All that’s really to be known about him is the hunch of shoulders in his grey […]

Owl In New York • 8 August 2007

Tomorrow, Manhattan. (Just picked up the new William Gibson to read en route. Germane reading material, I anticipate. Will touch the earth, in the zen sense, for DZM when I land briefly at Sky Harbor. That oddest of places with the SciFi name.) God I love New York. Friday, a conference at Columbia on consumerism and consumption. That should […]

To have and to hold • 7 August 2007

This will be the last post in the sacrum cycle. Things are getting dangerous around here and I’m putting the lid on it before the enlightenment police and their awakening-is-for-hippies sidekicks find us out. Meantime… I’m toying with the idea of a small interview project with very long-term practitioners. I’d like to ask them to talk about […]