Monthly Archives: September 2008

Suicide Newscycle • 26 September 2008

I keep wondering what David Foster Wallace would say. With the collapse of the (financial) system and all. Each day is more accursedly interesting, pushes what I thought was the the solid envelope of social dis/order. The boundary between believability and unbelievability is moving. In a sense I am meditating on that boundary, like other […]

“Instincts” • 23 September 2008

We now break from regular mind-body-malarkey programming for a commercial message. (I watched “Advice” and “Education.”) Also: a letter on the topic of unconscious racism (someone told me the comments are amazing)                                       ………………………………….. Proposition: The way a campaign offers itself to the voter says everything about its social vision. […]

Coordinate Language • 21 September 2008

Or, the post where my blog explodes. Ok, so step right up. Choose a mantra, any mantra. I don’t care if it’s the sensation of the breath going past the tip of the nose, or some word in whatever language repeated and repeated, or counting as high as you can go before you lose track, […]

Mental Recession • 17 September 2008

Are the boxes of deskstuff carted yesterday out of Lehman just so much mindstuff, Mr. McCain? The houses bought on nothing and the cars with the no-interest loan—these are also whisps of consciousness and not part of some self-sufficient reality? Everyone in fiscal conservative land wants to say this is a problem of trust and […]

Obama Pranayama • 12 September 2008

Pretty excited about Obama Pranayama here. “Whether we are doing yoga or just taking our next breath…. let us consciously breathe in the intent for change and help move Barack Obama into the White House.” I want a breathe-in. Not kidding. I’m going through an extroverted cycle here But about the OP. On the one […]

Breaking it Down • 8 September 2008

Why do I feel more anger when Sarah Palin mocks the Styrofoam Acropolis set at the DNC than when I think about what is going on right now in Guantanamo? The GOP’s campaign is an attack on my feminity on many levels. Their fun insults me personally… whereas my tax dollars going to torture innocents […]

Death Embrace • 8 September 2008

It has been asked: Do rural people really feel hated? Yes. (Insert a decade of ever more alienated returns home. Also, many painful slips of the tongue on all parts. Cf, when professors say things like religion has no sociological relevance because it’s “atomistic” or that rural America is “empty,” they don’t look smart.) I […]

these times • 6 September 2008

Dahlia Lithwick: “There is a way in which she's cashing in on the ability of very, very, very pretty women to say very, very vicious things with a great big smile.” (Day to Day) Gail Collins: “[Her] speech totally swallowed up all the attention in St. Paul, leaving nothing whatsoever for speakers like Mitt Romney… […]

Owl-Mouse • 3 September 2008

Or, Physiology of Letting Go. It is fall. I should let go of the intermediate series. All of it, all at once, traditional-style, bam. I started this practice on the first of a September, and may as well end it in like manner. I put it off. The crazy long practice was beyond good all […]

Dispatches from the twilight zone • 2 September 2008

First Day of School, Pop Quiz. Short Answer. Please define the following in 40 words or less. New Age Spirituality: Use of exotic practices and churingas to (1) decorate the ego or (2) flee the self. Based in fear, irrationality. Potentially transformational if (1) creates community or (2) induces peaceful altered states. Creates psychosis when […]