“Instincts” • 23 September 2008

We now break from regular mind-body-malarkey programming for a commercial message. (I watched “Advice” and “Education.”)

Also: a letter on the topic of unconscious racism (someone told me the comments are amazing)


Proposition: The way a campaign offers itself to the voter says everything about its social vision. Both the way it knows itself, and how it sees America.

Proposition: Almost all racism in western society is self-unconscious.

Proposition: For historical and everyday reasons, the bedrock of anti-black racism in America is fear of black men’s sexuality.

Conclusion: The McCain campaign believes the one really good reason to vote GOP is that you’re racist.

Yes, I agree with them! The only reason to vote for this jingoist deregulator and his girl Friday is if you’re racist. Too bad Obama’s too nice to run a straight “John McCain is a fool” campaign. I guess the Dems feel that would be insulting to fools.

It might take a while for us to realize that the age of decadence is our political culture is over. Too bad the election will happen before that. This whole fall is blowing my historical mind.