Monthly Archives: October 2009

Devil’s Night, Competing with Jesus • 31 October 2009

Last week was the midterm—grading exams is such sweet hypnosis. I don’t mind it at all; and now ninety three more innocents have had the intimate differences between affect/effect and the importance of accurate apostrophe impressed upon them in no uncertain terms. I was ticketed by the parking police yesterday in the most maddening way. […]

Death & Celebrity • 25 October 2009

On Sunday I went back to Pierce Brothers, to watch the tourists take pictures of the graves. A young woman on a mission arrived in a yellow airport taxi, tumbled out and careened toward the crypt of Marilyn Monroe. She placed her palm on the marble wall as the rest of her collapsed inside her […]

Nathas • 23 October 2009

One has to sing the song of nonentity using one’s meagre body as an instrument. One’s self has to be entirely absorbed. You will never be able to understand jog. What is the use of asking for it? Child, listen, spirit has made an abode in this body of dust. Spirit is in everything as […]

Who are the whistle-blowing yogins? • 19 October 2009

I bought a new copy of Sjoman for a friend, since in assembling an ashtanga library this comes after Ashtanga Yoga: A Practice Manual and Yoga Mala, but before Gregor Mahle and (alas) The Only Way Out is In or narcisissm folios by certain Scandinavians. They’re intriguing, the contributions of these (so far) men—the varying […]

Natural Death • 14 October 2009

This morning a mentor asked: Is your Mercury in Scorpio? Translation: Damn but that’s a sharp wit you have. Not sure if it’s planets or too many years on the debate team, but the quick-draw retorts can have a self-generative power. This is not a part of myself that I like—she’s grown boring—but for a […]

Soft Focus • 6 October 2009

Funny, apart from the hippie reclamation project that is Venice’s Church at Ocean Park, last week in Santa Barbara was my first practice in an actual church. Sunday morning I drove down the mesa at five in a cloud. The way the ocean is shaped up there, it presses close in to the land, and […]

I know that I know that I know that I know • 3 October 2009

“The difficulty is to recognize the groundlessness of our believing…. But justification comes to an end.” – Wittgenstein On Certainty 166; 192                                ____________________ What is the impulse inside a person that compels her to reach out and tell someone she’s […]