Monthly Archives: January 2010

Moon Day Pieces • 29 January 2010

Camera’s busted! Purchased it around my birthday – extravagant little thing, supersmart, red and shiny, with many good tricks. Its last capture was my brother and me at he Eiffel Tower. Fumbling over the delicate buttons with stupid fingers, I dropped it and messed up the lens. Possibly repairable, but not around here. Usually, I […]

Wanting it all, dedication, belief • 25 January 2010

Or, Faith in Faith Itself. Moment in conference yesterday: An American guy in the back raises his hand high at the end of the Q&A. He’s agitated, passionate and confused. -I want to know, how much am I supposed to sleep? …When do I sleep? … How much do you sleep? Because I’m going back […]

Slackline • 21 January 2010

Spent a lot of time at the desk this week, so today I blew off and was a yoga bum. Here’s the schedule. It’s what every day looks like for many people I know, with the exception that most people drive their own scooters instead of rickshaws, and skip the walk to go out for […]

Back to Anantha • 20 January 2010

Returned today to see the professor-yogi, M.A. Narasimhan. Office hours this season are 11-1ish (and more like 2), so I’ll make the 15-minute rickshaw or scooter ride across town a couple of days a week. Today we did an hour of Q&A on creatively east/west topics. For example: the physics of karma, comparative analysis of […]

Dividing Delhi B • 19 January 2010

I have, like they say, eaten too many chapatis. Actually, it was the “special” thali at Green Leaf: ten little aluminum cylinders of dals and squshes and beets and sweets my body didn’t recognize, plus three kinds of bread, rice and (oddly) coconut ice cream. When in South India…. But still. Woah. Too unfamiliar too […]

Mandala manduka • 15 January 2010

There is a breeze this afternoon, and high clouds. Kids chasing their dog in the park, men turning off the engines of their motorbikes to coast the last blocks down the Gokulam hills to their homes. Yesterday was the new year, and today the threshholds are still painted in the bright mandala tessellations the women […]

Time Signature • 11 January 2010

It has been twenty four hours since I boarded an airplane in Detroit. That was three days ago. Meanwhile, at the Pompidou, steamclouds billowing from a crack in a building, facing the wall of blue pipes of the great art monstrosity. Bikram Yoga Paris. A sweaty man hoists on his pea coat, says merci beaucoup […]

Intimacy & Equanimity • 8 January 2010

On Sunday, icicles began to grow on the windows of the little practice room. Today they’re a foot long. The heat is dry and patchy. It’s a bit grey in the sky and the ground are covered in four inches of the puffiest soft snow. In the morning it’s crisscrossed with squirrel, cat and deer […]

Equanimity • 4 January 2010

From the Bhagavad Gita:  Attachment and aversion by sense organs for respective objects are natural; let no one come under their sway; they are his foes…. Notions of heat and cold, of pain and pleasure, have a beginning and an end, are impermanent in nature…bear them patiently…be contented with whatever comes….  Hahahaha. Another way of […]