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Ghost Blog • 31 October 2008

This blog is possessed. No, YOU’RE possessed!!! Check it out. Now I see where Shepard Fairey and the Wachowski Bros got their ideas. I like possessed-by-consumerism stories, obviously.   Owloween has a painful eerie history for my loved ones, but we’ve reclaimed it in recent years. Tonight, a little gathering with neighbors (I’ve gotten half […]

Too Intense? Part II. • 27 October 2008

Someone asked if there's a magic bullet that’ll resolve the contradictions we generated on this topic. Maybe I could argue it's the red thread of kundalini…? Alas, sorry. 🙂 There is a refinement within and radiating from the body some old practitioners—I won’t try to deny that. And I can’t say what it’s about. For […]

SLV: Just Links • 26 October 2008

Stopped doing these last May, but… ●  Kind of amazing psycho-biological discussion of intimacy. Nice to see the psychology field coming together after a long behaviorism/ analysis rift. Also, many little revelations and provocations here. ●  Didn’t listen to this yet, but probably good. ●  So long, cowboy. Goodbye letters to President Bush. Collective memory… […]

Too intense for a woman? • 22 October 2008

A few years ago, an authorized teacher told me that “as a woman” I don’t “need” to practice the full vinyasa for upavista konasana in the first series. Yes, the maneuver is mysterious and possibly dangerous. Just like my femininity. A few people asked a while ago about the relationship of women and third series. […]

“Spirituality” • 17 October 2008

The first two years of my asana practice were about going ever deeper into the altered state that was the two hours on the mat. Adorning and becoming addicted to a dreamstate I understood as spirituality. Thus, this idea of a post-Christian spirituality, something based in bodily experience, suddenly became fascinating early in my practice. […]

Party Collapse • 17 October 2008

I worry, and hope, that Stephen Colbert will go out of business. Another brand that’ll be hit hard by the coming recession, because the GOP is imploding. Right now. The key strategists are sabotaging each other and the real conservative ideologues—David Brooks, National Review writers, Peggy Noonan—are filled with new remorse and self-hatred. They’re letting […]

Answer to a cryptoepistemological question • 17 October 2008

Intellectual honesty is its own game in social science, where truth and falsehood are scales rather than dummy variables in mathematical models. An interpretation that is more truthful is internally consistent, informed, engages counter-explanations, and speaks meaningfully to new evidence and interlocutors. One can articulate the conditions under which the interpretation would fail. Fewer qualifications […]

More Pieces • 15 October 2008

The beach at dawn is full of bums wrapped in Army/Navy surplus. I drove right past the shala and out to the pier this morning, under a huge harvest moon made orange not from the dust of tilled-under cornstalks but the ash burning luxury homes. There are fires in the hills and it’s just as […]

Pieces from a World Intact • 11 October 2008

Warm short October day with golden glow in the light and dried leaves in the breeze. I sit an my old metal desk next to the tall tall window that looks on to a square of warm humming-green lawn and beyond that Royce hall (Josiah R being another hero, I’ve been remembering). A 10-by-12 square […]

Fear as Flashlight, Cont. • 9 October 2008

So this was the nightmare. The markets in Asia and then Europe last night would tank. And then Tuesday would be blackest black in the US markets. Then McCain would pack his brass knuckles town to Tennessee. Come out swinging and 20 minutes in give America the horror theatre we really deserve. You know what I'm […]