Fear as Flashlight, Cont. • 9 October 2008

So this was the nightmare. The markets in Asia and then Europe last night would tank. And then Tuesday would be blackest black in the US markets. Then McCain would pack his brass knuckles town to Tennessee. Come out swinging and 20 minutes in give America the horror theatre we really deserve. You know what I'm saying. With the old guy out of the race, the machine back in control, Rove would install Mitt exec experince financial guru Romney on top of the ticket and we'd be looking at a sympathy landslide for the safe patriarch. October surprise on another level.

Sigh. The world seemed to be in trauma-fatigue yesterday, though; and decline of the GOP and the markets continued apace with nothing so dire. Thank gods.

It's too beautiful here for words, by the way. I always forget about October in Los Angeles. My senses and memory are so full now.

And there's the placebo-PTSD thing happening in me: a gratitude that the sky is intact. Even if it is closer now.

I've always been suspicious of the scare-the-shit-out-of-yourself approach to practice. Hello, manufactured drama. And yet, there seem to be obvious immediate benefits.

Possible virtues of scaring the shit out of yourself (Global Meltdown Edition):

-Wake up, Zen style. Bam!

-See clearly what got you in to this mess

-Get serious about changing everything immediately

-Experience gratitude for remaining "fundamentals"

-Rue the day you went "sub prime"

-Reevaluate priorities

-See what you're really made of—in a moment of truth, how human are you?

-Let go. Find out falling was no big thing