Monthly Archives: March 2008

Dith Pran • 30 March 2008

  There was a little morning sea mist over Santa Monica the other morning. I saw it out the secondstory window, gathering up my things in a fix after our very early Sunday practice (shhhh…). The mist hung in between the big hairy tops of the palm trees all fifteen blocks to the ocean, sketching […]

Saturday XLVII: Complicated • 29 March 2008

Doing some kitchen-practice lately. Friday nice and simple, while the Editor sat at his desk in the adjacent room and, well, edited. His focus is amazing now—locked in, supersmart, mind on target. On the new year I threw away my anger at the discipline—for its locked-up blindfolded inability to make good on its promises to […]

My (Ongoing) List of Embarrassing Details • 28 March 2008

Been thinking about my last oblique strategy draw: Look closely at the most embarrassing details & amplify them. Wondering if I should post yet another list this week, this time of embarrassing details. Eh, whatever. This medium is revealing enough, and you don’t need to know that I secretly love the band Franz Ferdinand, that […]

More Lists • 27 March 2008

Some possible marks of a developed subtle body(everyday life version) ● The arches of the feet are sweet little tensegrity sculptures. ● When she walks or stands, the pelvis tends toward neutral.  ● When he speaks, the voice comes either from the pit of the belly (like Patthabi Jois) or resonantly from deep inside the […]

Obliquity • 25 March 2008

● The old scorpio archetype is one I don’t mind measuring up against my personality as a kind of interpretive tool. There’s a freaky lot of resonance in that collection of traits. I’m less excited about the things said about the Aries moon, but the alpha debate geek in me lives on despite my fantasies […]

It’s 6 A.M.: Do you know where your bandhas are? • 24 March 2008

Ways to wake up your uddiyana bandha before practice: Nauli kriya Ahem—- Forward fold on pointe; fingertips to floor; bend the knees; straighten; light up the arches of the feet all the way to the pit of the belly. Sing something wicked, bluesy, bassy and/or loud. The way Jack White inflects the word hips in […]

Saturday XXXXVI: Easy • 22 March 2008

Jenna walked in to my life on Wednesday in the form of a strong tiny manduka-bearing woman in the 5:45 am dark below my balcony. Wow that was easy. Practice was relatively internal for us both, but we both noticed a few times that our vinyasas tended to sync and our pacing was more or […]

It’s Friday • 21 March 2008

To bring it around to where it started on Monday… (a riddle.) Oh Katie solved it immediately. Just wanted to make sure you all were, in fact, listeners of The Cure.    

How do you tell it… • 19 March 2008

The writers’ magazine Smith does this six-word memoirs thing. Look here. Saving the world the time of writing autobiographies! Me, off the top of my head:    A series of ever-smaller revolutions.    Everything is fun after a jailbreak.   To ease tension, smash head here.   Others?

Overedited • 19 March 2008

Our only weapon, only strength is justice, truth. But effect of truth, justice, sometimes takes longer time. Weapons power is immediately there. The Dalai Lama, also today