Monthly Archives: November 2010

Romanesco • 15 November 2010

In LA, Santa Monica Boulevard bisected my life. There is always a new building going up in place of one that’s just been demolished, whose shape and function you’ve already forgotten; and the massive billboards change by the week. Mike Davis, in City of Quartz, calls the street a palimpsest. Those last 14.5 miles of […]

The Throat • 15 November 2010

Something called The Throat screamed out from a database search today. I figured it was a random science title, but it was poem. By Charles Bernstein, from With Strings, University of Chicago, 2001. About Veterans and voice, the bottom of the world which is the center, filling one’s pen while shining silver fog sifts blankness in to the […]

Bioluminescent kitsch • 4 November 2010

Last night I dreamed of a cloud-city in ruins. Mists, decay, peace and death. The city's high-security hills were the bourgeois parts of San Salvador; its parks were The Wire’s version of The Western. Under, over, and between everything were the spun-sugar clouds, tactile and buoyant. (The clouds blew in from the first layer of my […]