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Research • 30 July 2008

‘Til we grow beards get weird and disappear into the mountains— • 29 July 2008

Something about these crazy arm balances, I tell you. I went into the hip-hop archives of the Owl House CD shelves Sunday, and drew out The Eminem Show. I cannot endorse this record because it exhibits high levels of misogyny, pandering to children, preening rhymes so obviously non-spontaneous he probably copped them from a songwriting […]

The Logos and the Tao • 27 July 2008

I dreamed that I was doing a comparative analysis of The Logos and The Tao. My subconscious, apparently, has its own sense of humor. The dream is funny because the Tao and the Logos are both concepts that purport to be the one thing. Reality’s underlying substratum. The logical principle. That which has no equal, […]

Whatever • 26 July 2008

Some notes on Mysore Style • 24 July 2008

I. Working a room. It helps to have waited tables for a long time. It helps to have great peripheral vision developed over years of sophisticated driste practice. Does a teacher understand that the first key is to coordinate, and intensify, the energies of the individuals? Or does she make the huge mistake of letting […]

Yoga Journal: Lowering the Bar, One Deep Thought At A Time • 22 July 2008

Bhakti Collective posted a letter to the YJ Editors. Excerpt, with a little emphasis added: “For me, bhakti means whatever strikes your heart with beauty, whatever hits the mark of your heart and inspires you to feel the love,” says Sianna Sherman, a senior Anusara Yoga teacher…. [In this YJ conception,] [b]hakti becomes whatever you […]

Process mindset, release of expectations, peripheral vision, problematizing documentation • 20 July 2008

All those terms have the same meaning here. A client who is also a personal coach says she chose me as a teacher in part because I have a “process mindset.” This disposition “makes everything ok,” and turns experimentation and “failure” into play. It doesn’t give a shit about accomplishment. Doesn’t think about “results.” This […]

Between ADD and OCD • 17 July 2008

I am really ok with a little open disagreement. Seems like healthy exercise for not taking things personally—and not making them personal. Also, it ups the ante on figuring things out and makes for quick learning. That said, this last thread on whether ashtangis practice something beyond asana is the most elementary thing this blog […]

The Anusarian and the Ashtangi • 14 July 2008

Excerpts from an exchange I’ve been conducting with Dale, an Anusana practitioner in Austin, over the last couple of weeks. Chez Liz. ………………………………………………………………. DALE: My "moon days" in the sense of adventure and release from tension that you project are — most days. Most days I have the wonderful freedom and opportunity of being able […]

The Shape of Myth • 10 July 2008

MC Richards said this. The ancient Trinity of Truth, Beauty and Goodness lives in the modern ideal of Surreality, Nakedness and Freedom. Or Revelation, Redemption and Compassion. She was born in Idaho, schooled in Portland, PhD’d at Berkeley… then settled at Black Mountain, home of the geodesic dome. I’m tracing her loosely. Where is my […]