The Shape of Myth • 10 July 2008

MC Richards said this.

The ancient Trinity

of Truth, Beauty and Goodness

lives in the modern ideal of

Surreality, Nakedness and Freedom.

Or Revelation, Redemption and Compassion.

She was born in Idaho, schooled in Portland, PhD’d at Berkeley… then settled at Black Mountain, home of the geodesic dome. I’m tracing her loosely. Where is my Black Mountain?

(A book, a film, a song.)

Apollo and Dionysus still percolate as I wonder whether the commissioned post about them can be realized. I dislike when concepts get mission creep and endeavor that operative categories can be firmed up. Apollo and Dionysus not same as masculine/feminine; not same as yin/yang; not same as extraversion/involution. Et cetera! Threes (see above) are nicer than twos, but I'll work with what I've got.

Sure it all goes to the One, but meantime let's keep our shit straight.



Meanwhile Ron Howard, who invaded my summer once before (when he filmed Far and Away in my home, the middle of nowhere), trapses back and forth beneath my window yelling "Action!" while cranes dangling humungus light-diffusing balloons grumble around the quad and students hold out their camera phones to capture Tom Hanks in professor drag (we could show him some things–god why'd he cast Forrest Gump for this?). My friend N said we're like bird watchers hoping for a glimpse of a celebrity–so common out and about–behaving in its natural environment. Bird watchers, social scientists… what a strange summer.