Monthly Archives: April 2011

Hello pain. Let’s go for a ride. • 30 April 2011

Pain without an energy signature. Or at least without a pattern I’ve seen before. Nerve nails, muscle rugburns, tendon ache, the way bone moans when it’s inflamed down to the marrow: understood. I’ve used that plus ten kinds of non-painful sensation to map the hard, soft, subtle and empty places in the spine. I have […]

Ghosts of Mysore – 1 • 25 April 2011

Cold rain this morning. Cherry buds dead on the tree branches, daffodil heads hung low by last week’s snow. Sidewalks were slippery en route to practice. I spread toes to shuffle my boots, and shuffled the music. Randomizing gave me Major Lazer – Hold the Line. That song was heavy rotation in the month of […]

Vishnu • 1 April 2011

O’Hare in early morning and a travel voucher kombucha. Pat-down from a giant, apologizing woman covered in metal officer’s badges. Before that, seven hours’ sleep and hotel room practice on the top floor of a silent Holiday Inn. And before that, a Chicago meltdown when, 38 hours sleepless and all mind function replaced by fantasies […]