Monthly Archives: March 2011

Asana P0rn • 14 March 2011

How far will humans go for a peak experience? Months of marathon training, the expense to get up Everest, the hassle of jumping from airplanes. Kensho or no, all that effort gives me awe. Condition, condition, condition the organism. Then wait for conditions to be right. These thrills are not cheap. Today, rolling out of […]

Scorched • 4 March 2011

I had plans for Shivaratri, for Godsakes. And they did not involve doing the dirty halala dance with my toilet while devotees partied in the street. No. Shivaratri is night of the destroyer. I’ll bow to the mushroom cloud, or to the blue long-lashed HE-Man of a god. Or to his incarnation as an infinite […]