I Have the Secret: Empirical Proof • 23 August 2007

jaz : as we were saying
cog: hello!
cog: i was about to leave.
cog: what’s up?
jaz: i have just proven the SECRET!
cog: wait, what?
cog: your toes?
jaz: (do you know the Secret? the law of attraction? new age: “your thoughts are your reality”?)
jaz: my toes??
jaz: no man, i sent don’t choose me energy all week to the justice system! i called them just now and i do not have to report for jury service! five days in a row!
cog: BOOM!
jaz: this proves that my thought-power is indeed real. a causal force.
cog: there you go!
jaz: yes.
cog: congrats!
cog: thought power is totally real
cog: i feel you.
jaz: i was surprised they didn’t play a little “you won!” jingle at the end of the recording. r said it should be a “you lost” jingle since i don’t “get” to play.
jaz: it is real. “thoughts are things!”
jaz: you can take some of the credit though, if you were crossing your fingers for me.
jaz: i got all superstitious just now when i was about to call. cos my odds of selection were getting high, statistically.
cog: oh yeah. i was there.
jaz: like, “am i standing in the same place i was standing the other four days? is the music off like it was before? AM I THINKING POSITIVE THOUGHTS?”
jaz: ha!
cog: okay. okay. amazing. i’m going to go over to the office so that i can focus yet another night of my time here on veneer.
jaz: i actually had the thought that if i didn’t listen to my voicemail before i called the jury it would mess things up. because the other days i listened to my voicemail. but this time i just have vm from [edit] and i don’t want to listen to it until i’m supercalm. so i TOOK MY CHANCES on that. and positive thinking worked anyway.
cog: i’ll be back online in twenty.
jaz: okey
cog: whoa. the superstition comes back to haunt us.
jaz: EXACTLY what i am saying.