What (0v0) is About • 13 August 2008

Three days of search phrases. For Ash.

academia karma yoga

orgasm mindfulness, cult of yoga
I want to be a sheep or a goat (or) I just want to be a sheep
How do born agains view yoga? (christianity intellectually impoverished)

Ashtanga yoga shut up sticker
(anusara deceptive)
theoretical archaeology group shit days and crazy nights 

AYSF anything you say: ruthless compassion chogyam trungpa
(eating cheez its makes me fat)
yoga false self platform step down (!)

beta state ego;
naked yoga;

ashtanga is dangerous
(Does the chest ache during growing pains?)
whipped after ashtanga

dith pran tilted arc; durkheim collective effervescence; hormiguita dylan Present absence; Owl departed human form