Nadi Shodanites • 2 March 2010

Here in Mysore for two weeks yet. One more moon cycle, beginning Sunday and concluding a week from Friday. Then it’s Bangalore-Paris-Detroit.

Will be writing more these two weeks, since I am semi-awkwardly shifting back in to verbal-mind. It’s funny: now that the sentences are starting to shore up again in my stream of thought, I’m thoroughly amusing myself. It seems that words return quicker than wits, so at this point I believe myself to be very funny even though likely I'm really not. Dullness has its virtues. But I am keeping myself interested, so it’s perfect.

I’ve been sort of flaky in recent weeks, but if there’s a void in your in-box where my response is supposed to be, maybe you can feel the half-formed intention I’ve sent in its stead? Consider yourself emoticon’d. A dear friend's cancer diagnosis has jerked me back in to being able to be present to something other than vinyasas and sutras and lassis, though. Jesus. Kali is coming… I'm bringing a piece of her back from here. 

Anyway some things are still open and tender. I’m in no mood for bullshit since I’m taking extra special interest in my own, so how about let’s do this super-oldschool. List-serv style 🙂

Drop email to insideowl-AT-gmail-DOT-com if you’d like to be on the recipients-list for this two weeks of occasional metablogging.