Paydirt • 10 March 2010

Injury or Opening?

              Circus Ride or Red Stupa?

                                          Rabbit Hole or Paydirt?

Don’t confuse yourself, lady: just change the ticket.

So yeah…. to my dismay, it started last week. People hitting a vein of something-I-know-not-what. Some are getting anxious and getting the hell out… others are sitting on the line to Cathay Pacific, Air Emirates and BA, paying the fee for the fickle.

I've been of one mind in each place. The heat is ridiculous and my friends are gone and I am in certain ways very done.

But there is this deep pull factor. It's not so much the seductions of the practice high and life of leisure. Those are cancelled out by the ennui and the dirty suffocating heat. Underneath those, something here seems to get in your system and make you want to keep with it. For me, it's the resonant combination of shakti and curiosity. 

Got to be back in Ann Arbor for sure in a couple of weeks. Meantime, I phoned Air France for a stay. The man on the line had definitely heard this one before.