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Mysore Ghost Story • 31 October 2013

There is a blog behind this blog. Here is a ghost story I posted there a few years ago. What’s below is the original post with some edits, plus my comments on that post, minus the comments from other readers. I took it seriously at the time, but now it’s just for laughs. Tis the […]

Float on • 28 July 2013

In clouds over the lake. Why is it that the view of Earth from space turns astronauts to mystics, but travelers on planes aren’t enraptured by the million? We just flew past the east coast of lake Michigan. The dunes along the coast are lit up in afternoon sun, and the bay at Saugatuck is […]

Rose Line • 10 June 2013

Holy God, Nothing is hot. Or rather, after a good line of Nothing, experience in the world is hot. This morning I drove away from Roslyn in mist. The retreat center’s called that, like in the Templar myths, like the church in Scotland. Hilarious. It’s for the myth of the “rose line” that leads to […]