Fetishizing Balance • 23 November 2008

I. Got the best anonymous text message today: “I got the prana aligned right out of me in this workshop.”

(If you achieve perfect alignment, will you go poof in samadhi?)

II. Last week I met a friend at CityBakery for pumpkin pie. She said she’s always experienced me as vata to the nth degree, but has seen a kapha side of me since I’ve been practicing third. Told me I’m much more grounded now. I was all excited, until I started wondering about my pitta.

(If a person constituted herself as exactly 1/3 in each dosha, would she trans-substantiate to a fourth post-dosha dimension?)

III. I’ve been thinking about a crazy activist campaign I participated in exactly 5 years ago, and the anarchist lawyer who befriended me during that time. He consistently scored dead center on all four scales of the Jungian Myers-Briggs personality test.

(If a person beats the Myers-Briggs, does his personality spontaneously evaporate?)

P.S. Hahahahahaa. As experienced people know, constant alignment-obsession is the method quasi-ashtangis at YogaFranchise use to run away from intimate experience of the self. Also, pumkin pie is probably all wrong for my “dosha.” And mister anarchist lawyer? Most slithery-skilled manipulator I’ve encountered. He always laughed too loud and too long, like a sit-com character with a screwball secret.