Soul Mat • 20 November 2008

I keep seeing the yoga mod squad tooling around Bentwood, a pride of golden lions at rest, bespectacled in oakleys and low-riding their surf shorts. They drive a screaming yellow new Land Cruiser, loaded with racks and mirrors and sporting a logo.

" your custom yoga mat company"

Fine. I just checket it out. They have a credo and everything.

We believe that one’s 12 square feet of floor space… should truly reflect one’s individual spirit and interests. After 18 months of research and development… we arrived at a formula that finally enables people the freedom to express themselves, whether that be in the creation of their own mat, or in the adoption of YM’s unique artwork… Your “soul mat” is sure to be found here.

I think I need to start an award. The Yoga Consumerism trophy. The Seriously Not Getting It medal. Kali Yuga Luminaries.

But I’d rather laugh than cry. They are having a good time with their venture capital:

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What would the ashtangis put on their mats? “NO EXIT”? Rosebud the sled? Durvasa? A black hole?

Don’t say SKPJ. Don't even.