Time Warp • 19 March 2009

Two practices later.

Plus: two trips to office hours, five coconuts, two trips to the textile store, five intense conversations over a meal that cost pennies and tasted divine, one car fire and traffic jam, eight rickshaw rides, one rolfing session for a freaky knee, one long afternoon at the Southern Star, one wild goose chase around Laksmipuram with a lost driver, one marriage proposition, a lot of unanswered email, one lime soda with the sweet on the side, two significant realizations, twelve conversations about local divination services, four new scarves picked up for under $3 each and used to cover the shoulders, four moments of meaningful eye contact with Saraswati, two nervous chortles from Sharath, three walks with Eeyore, 20 or so new acquaintances, five overheard conversations in which women were gossiped about for being jealous (so telling), eight overheard conversations in which advanced practice was described as a thing of beauty and prestige that everyone wants to have (so boring), four power outages, two sets of dropbacks that bound low rather than high, one trip to Coffee Day, one trip to Barista, two go-rounds with the cell phone guy, one bug bite, 100 new freckles, two achey trapeziuses, two pranayama practices, three dreams of the cybershala, and one small small world.