Sequels • 3 July 2008

I am going to Oregon while famous people do strange things in my office. They’re displacing me, and besides I have a perverse abiding love of the Fourth of July and must celebrate it.

Meanwhile, back at my office, and speaking of bad film…

…they’re filming the sequel to The DaVinci Code.

In my office. True story.

I will admit right here that I consumed Dan Brown’s famous book like the cardboard-and-canola oil Cheez-it(R) it is, amid gripes about the bad writing and worse research and above all the fact that rips off one of my favorite-ever novels and cribs a cult classic for its macguffin.

But I drew the line at Angels and Demons, the film-version of which may capture my beloved office in the last year of my occupation. All I really know is that Sony’s renting it and adjacent office. The Editor claims my space will only be Tom Hanks’ powder room. Who knows.

Fourth of July meditation: