In What Furnace Was Thy Brain? • 2 May 2008

I committed petitio principii.

Not sex act, sorry. A phallacy. With an F. It’s circular reasoning. The form of my fallacy was a little lacking, but I did beg a question in stating that "Power of Now is not by a long shot the most stunning spiritual manifesto."

Presuming there is a most stunning manifesto.

I don't know. I can't even name what has moved me most. Maybe in 50 years this will be possible, as I am saving most of the world’s mystic writing for my old age. Kind of like I’m saving vacations to Europe for my old bourgeois years and spending my youth traveling to more challenging places. Economical, but also: kind of arrogant. Is reading Rumi or St. John of the Cross same as a week in Mallorca or Provence? Outside consolation?

You know the readers I want are those who will tell me that spiritual manifestoes are necessary.

I wish I kept track of what I read. But maybe not thinking about this question before answering will generate the most accurate response.

What are the most stunning manifestoes? What has stunned you? Actually changed your way of being?