Language Games • 17 March 2008

Every woman is a poet when she is in love.

Plato said that. But I translated it if you knowatimean.

           All disagreements are purely semantic.

Wittgenstein said that. But I paraphrased it because this is no time for exactitude.

It is time for wordplay. I am thinking of tongue-twisters, limericks, haiku, acrostics, palindromes, alliterations and old favorite lines. Whatever words stick in the head.

At times I have kept lists of the words I love best, and as of today I am beginning again. I don't even know, what words do I love now…:

        antediluvian, blithely, concord, daft

Hated words is more difficult, but for sure:

        blowhard, dumpy, moist, secrete

The list will need to be organic to my life. It's more a know 'em when you see 'em kind of thing, for me. But it's good to start with a seed list.

What are the words you love or despise?

Later this week: acrostics, the six-word autobiography, I don't know what else.

Yoga not serious. Poetry serious.