Breadcrumbs • 5 March 2008

I’m not saying anything.

Just dropping breadcrumbs. Which will soon decay but helped feed me because a few years ago I ate them at the right time.

Evolution of consciousness, glibly, could look something like this…

Humans love to go in to altered states of consciousness, but we interpret those experiences in dramatically different ways depending on the lifeworld we inhabit.

The blue meme is the middling stage of personal development in which one interprets an altered state of consciousness (be it waking/gross, dreaming/subtle, sleeping/causal or nondual) as confirming the singularity of her own path.

Most people here would dial in around green or turquoise on the spiral hierarchy, so would tend to reify altered states in ways that aren't so fundamentalist as the blue meme. 

From Wilber, Pragmatic History of Consciousness: “[S]omebody at, say, the blue stage of development can have an altered state or peak experience of a subtle state—say… of interior Luminositybut the person will tend to interpret that experience through the mental apparatus that has actually developed in his or her own case. In this example, the person will interpret the spiritual experience in terms of the blue meme, in which case we would see something like the fundamentalist's 'reborn' experience: this person feels, with utter certainty, that Jesus has come to him personally, and that nobody can be saved unless they accept Christ as their personal savior."